Zhlobin: Plant administration makes sure even workers on maternity leave vote early

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Workshop foremen of Belarusian Metallurgic Plant in Zhlobin received a letter signed by Aliaksei Kastsiuk, deputy head of the plant’s automation department. The letter suggests they should force the subordinates to vote early, and to “inform" the staff who they should vote for.

The letter was sent on September 22nd through the plant local network bmz.gomel.by. It was received by foremen Mikhail Buyanau, Alexander Huzau, Siarhei Ilyin, and others – the total of 16 people. In his letter Aliaksei Kastsiuk wrote:

“One can vote early every day from September 23rd. It is recommended to express one’s will as soon as possible. Bosses of the workers who fail to vote early will have their Sunday hopelessly spoiled. Every hour they will report on the situation of who has already voted (they will be on duty making phone calls to their “best” workers every hour – and put pluses and minuses against their names). Please submit the lists of the people who have voted early (with the date of voting) to me on the daily basis, before 9.30 a.m. I will include them in the general lists of those who have voted.”

Kastsiuk reminded the foremen about their workers who are on vacation or other leaves.

“I ask you to remember about the fact that ladies on maternity leaves are also workers of our enterprise. You need to contact them and propose to go to the polls”.

Further on Kastsiuk asks to “inform the workers”, who they should vote for: “high salary at the enterprise can be guaranteed only if its interests are lobbied in the parliament”, that’s why “it is very desirable that the plant candidate gets the mandate”. Kastsiuk means Uladzimir Batan, superintendent of the workshop of equipment maintenance. Batan’s candidacy is supported by the government. 

His opponent is Valery Rybchanka, representative of the United Democratic Forces. He used to work at the same plant but was fired when he refused to drop out of the race during the the previous parliamentary elections in 2004.

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