Zhanna Litvina: A Laureate of Ebert Foundation on Human Rights Award

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As it has become known recently, Ms. Zhanna Litvina, Chairperson of Belarusian Association of Journalists will receive Ebert Foundation on Human Rights Award in 2008.

"Freedom of speech in an inseparable part if civil liberties and human rights. In case of its absence all other human rights appear unde­r threat. Therefore the main objective of BAJ is to do everything possible in order to defend freedom of speech. The awarding proves true that out efforts have certain effect", Zhanna Litvina noted in her interview to the BAJ Press Service.

The award will be presented to Ms. Zhanna Litvina in Berlin on December 12, 2008. It is planned that Mattias Platzek, the Prime-minister of Brandenburg Land (Germany) will deliver a speech during the event.