Mazyr: Officials offended by UCP candidate’s speech

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Leanid Arlou, UCP candidate in Mazyr district # 42, did not expect inadequate reaction to his TV speech.

At first he had to listen to words of indignation from executive officer of Mazyr rayon executive committee M. Pashynski (he is also chair of the district election commission), and head of the executive committee’s organizational department V. Ulasevich (who is also the district commission’s secretary). In addition he received a warning for “untactful way of campaigning”. By the way, the warning issued on September 19th was cancelled by the CEC on the 22nd.


Then the “insulted and offended” officials began a campaign against the candidate on the pages of the local newspaper Zhytstsio Palesya. Andrei Haradnitski, general director of Mazyr rayon utility company, was outraged the most. He as the head of the utility services in the city was “indignant at the fact that the problem of utility services was mentioned among the most important ones in the leaflet”.


Failing to find the program of utility services reform at the UCP web-site, Haradnitski accused the university teacher of economic of incompetence and disability to “make elementary calculations”.


At the same time, A. Haradnitski failed to fulfill the ruling of Mazyr rayon executive committee # 924 of August 12th, 2008, where he and his company are ordered to prepare the places determined for posting campaign materials before August 19th, 2008. There are still no places for campaigning in Mazyr…

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