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Babruisk: Candidate’s ordeal with printing presses

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Babruisk entrepreneur Viachaslau Shelekh, who runs in Asipovichy district # 89, addressed Babruisk printing press with the request to print his campaign materials. The candidate literally had to persuade the printing press management, and after four days of negotiations he managed to do that. Asipovichy rayon executive committee transferred the money to the printing press’ account.


When Viachaslau Shelekh came to pick up the materials on the appointed day he was informed the agreement had been denounced by the press. The candidate addressed the other printing presses but was refused. As a result, Babruisk resident had to go to Homel, where his campaign materials were printed on September 19th.


The fact was registered by OSCE and BHC observers in their reports. In a private conversation with the printing press management one of the observers learned that the order not to execute orders of the independent candidates had come form the city executive committee. However, the official version of the agreement denouncement was “technical problems with the equipment”.

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