Prosecutor’s office does not see transgression in beating Yana Paliakova

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Salihorsk resident Yana Paliakova addressed the city prosecutor’s office asking to start the proceedings against captain Puhachou who in a group, had brought her to police station by force where she was beaten in one of the rooms.


The supervisory body, in the person of investigator D. Dzeshuk, refused to start the proceedings. During 10 days which he had for consideration of Paliakova’s complaint he had found 8 police officers, who claimed on the day Paliakova was beaten (August 31st) they were together with Captain Puhachou on the central square from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


The investigator did not manage to refute the fact that the victim had been present in the building of the district police department: 2 emergency teams saw her there and rendered medical assistance to her. However, investigator Dzeshuk found another witness – police officer Sasukevich who claimed the victim had come to the police station herself. The investigator did not include the testimony of the police officer on duty in the materials.

Investigator Dzeshuk writes, on the request of Paliakova a psychologist was invited to see her. However, in reality Yana Paliakova was sent to a psychiatrist by force. The investigator does not mention police lieutenant Trubchyk who visited the victim in hospital and tried to interrogate her.


Investigator Dzeshuk assessed the injuries of the victim inflicted by captain Puhachou and his colleagues as trivial and not leading to short-term injury of health.


Yana Paliakova was member of Olga Kazulina’s team.





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