UCP candidates in Minsk Drop Out

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Today the United Civic party held a press conference, where its candidates who run in Minsk claimed they dropped out of the race.


Five UCP candidates except Anatol Liabedzka are to withdraw their candidatures. An exclusion was made for Liabedzka as a co-chair of the United Democratic Forces. The candidates who drop out are Hanna Yahorava, Valiantsina Pelevikova, Alexander Dabravolski, Stanislau Bahdankevich, and Katsiaryna Malasayeva.


The candidates who have dropped out focus their efforts on Staravilenskaya district, where Anatol Liabedzka is running.


The reason for such a step was the refusal of Belarusian printing presses to print campaign materials of the candidates. “This is not a boycott. This is a protest against the actions of the authorities”, -- Anatol Liabedzka said in the beginning of the news conference. Other UCP candidates continue the race.

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