Coordinator of ‘Charter’97’ Zmitser Bandarenka faces pressurization

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Zmitser Bandarenka, coordinator of Charter’97, is required to provide information about his residence in 1990ies to the tax office.

The coordinator of Charter’97 and one of the leaders of the European Belarus civil campaign has been called in to the Minsk tax office today.

‘Two months ago I submitted the returns for the latest years on a demand of the Department on Financial Investigation at the State Control Committee. Now, the Minsk tax office is interested in my income and expense in early 1990ies. In my view, actions of fiscal bodies towards me are a part of the campaign of pressing and intimidation of opposition activists during the ‘election campaign’. For unknown reasons, the current authorities are more concerned about the life of opposition figures rather than about the origin of money, the common Belarusian officials have for constructing multimillion villas on Winners Avenue and purchasing luxurious autos at cost of tens and hundreds of thousands dollars,’ Zmitser Bandarenka said after his visit to the tax office.