Barysau: Only supporters of Viktar Harbachou and Siarhei Salash not included in precinct commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As we found out from the state press, 1192 persons were nominated through signature collection, by work collectives, political parties and NGOs to 107 precinct election commissions in two election districts of Barysau.  

Meanwhile, Barysau rayon executive committee made a decision to include 1107 persons in the precinct commissions. That means, only 85 people who wanted to directly participate in vote counting, were ignored. 45 of them represented the United Civil Party and supported Viktar Harbachou who was going to run in Barysau city district # 62. Another 12 people supported Siarhei Salash who applied for registration of his candidacy in Babruisk rural district # 63.


Earlier head of organizational department of Barysau rayon executive committee Pavel Zhuha explained to Viktar Harbachou and Siarhei Salash that their representatives had been not included in the commissions because of high number of contenders. However, precinct commissions in two Barysau districts consist of 5-14 members, whereas the Election Code allows including up to 19 members in a precinct commission.


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