“Work with the electorate” gathers momentum

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On August 22nd a mini-concert took place near Charnamorski market in district # 35. The “official” candidate running in the district is Tatsiana Filimonchyk. The concert was initiated and organized by Savetski rayon administration, headed by Ms. Filimonchyk.


In the beginning of the even it was announced the concert was to mark the 35th anniversary of the rayon. Meanwhile, the “official” events dedicated to the anniversary will take place on September 20th.


Tatsiana Filimonchyk attended the concert. In the beginning the hosts of the show expressed collective gratitude for the roofs that don’t leak, the roads that are safe for driving, and the beauty of the rayon Ms. Filimonchyk rules. Then Tatsiana Filimonchyk presented awards to the most “deserving” utility organizations and gave a detailed speech about the achievements of her administration, due to which the live in Savetski rayon had become indescribably good. 




Head of the main directorate of personnel policy of the President’s Office Uladzimir Siniakou began his “work with the electorate” long before submitting documents for registration. Using his official position he carried out reception of citizens in Maladechna and Valozhyn rayons, materials about his activities with his pictures were published in the local press: on August 13th and August 23rd -- in Maladechanskaya Hazeta, and on August 15th -- in Pratsounaya Slava from Valozhyn. The articles in Maladechanskaya Hazeta were prepared by its editor-in-chief A. Khazianin. In the issue of August 23rd he directly calls the readers “Maladechna electorate”.


Having conducted the preparation work with the voters, U. Siniakou applied for registration in Maladechna district. He had been nominated by work collectives of Valozhyn experimental forestry and Biarezinskaye company.




State mass media continue early agitation for officials of executive committees and local Councils.

For example, Vitebsk executive committee’s newspaper “Vitbichi” (# 96 of August 21st) published a whole page about chairman of Vitebsk city Council Henadz Hrytskevich. Hrytskevich is going to run in Vitebsk-Horkauskaya district # 17.

The article includes his picture and election pledges: “One needs courage if one is to represent and defend someone’s interests. In my case these are voters’ interests. Trust me this will not be easy. We will work and seek for solution of our common objectives.”


A similar article (also the whole page with a picture) was published in Narodnaye Slova newspaper founded by Vitebsk oblast Council and oblast executive committee. In its issue # 96 of August 21st it placed an article about deputy head of Vitebsk oblast executive committee Piotr Yuzhyk. Polatsak district election commission № 28 is still considering his application for registration.

It’s worth mentioning, candidates to the Chamber of Representatives, once registered, have equal rights to appear in print, under Article 74 part 1 of the Election Code.


“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”