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Maladechna: only members of pro-governmental NGOs were selected to precinct election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

By the decision of Maladechna and Valozhyn rayon executive committees, only representatives of the pro-governmental NGOs and political parties were included in precinct election commissions in Maladechna city district # 70 and rural district # 71.The total number of members of such organizations as the CPB party, Belarusian Union of Women, veterans' organizations, BRSM, and Belaya Rus is 72 people.  

Besides that, monitors highly doubt that all members of the precinct commission presented collected signatures or were nominated by work collectives. The overwhelming majority of commission members work in commissions for over 10 years.

The regional monitors report, the rayon executive committees failed to organize reception of signatures collected by the voters. Voters could not find a person responsible for receiving the applications in the executive committees. The document registers were also missing.

The monitors also registered violation of Article 34 of the Election Code – the list of precinct election commissions’ members was not published in Valozhyn rayon during the 7-day period, which ends on August 18th. On Friday, August 15th, teh local newspaper Pratsounaya Slava published the lists of the majority of the commissions. In the end they promised: see the end of the list in the next issue. However, the next issue will come out only on August 19th.

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