Rechytsa: tax inspectorate summons UDF candidate’s employer

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On Friday, August 15th, manager of private company “Alida & Co.” A. Shabetnik was summoned by the tax inspectorate. He was asked if V. Putsitski, who is a candidate on the UDF list, really worked for the company. A person in civil clothes was present during the conversation.  

A representative of Homel BPF reports, the manager was hinted he could expect massive check-ups of the company’s activities. The person in civil clothes asked where the wife of V. Putsitski worked. The tax inspector answered: “in a school, so far”.

V. Putsitski is the head of BPF regional organization. He used to work for a railway company, but his contract was not extended. He was unemployed for several months. Recently he has found a job as a deputy manager for planning of the private company “Alida & Co.”. Putsitski’s team has collected signatures in support of his nomination as a parliamentary candidate. At the same time, he was nominated by the BPF Party. Putsitski’s opponent supported by the authorities is Ala Sachanka, head of the financial department of Rechytsa rayon executive committee.

Aleh Shabetnik is the head of Homel regional organization of Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). He is member of precinct election commission at polling station # 26 in Rechytsa district.

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