Blast investigation does not change direction

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Aleh Pronski, Masty activist of the Movement for Freedom, nominated to the precinct election commission, was invited to visit the local KGB office. The guy spent the last two months abroad, but they want to talk about Minsk explosion with him. 
Aleh Pronski is a student of Hrodna Agrarian University. Last Friday he returned home from Poland, where he was on a two-month internship. He received a phone call from a KGB officer who invited him for a conversation about the blast in Minsk on July 3rd. 
Ales Zarembiuk, activist of the Movement to Freedom, believes the KGB attention to the guy could be explained only by his participation in the election campaign, because Aleh left Belarus in June: 
- We collected signatures for Aleh’s nomination to an election commission. Now he is called to KGB. To our regret, these calls and conversations have become massive – this is real psychological pressure on people. The goal of the pressure is to intimidate the people, to decrease their public activity.