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Future parliament looms from publications in state media

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

State mass media continue to promote certain candidates. They obviously know who they should write about. From the publications we can actually see who is going to become the “elected representative” of the people. 
Ivatsevichy: another article published by Brest regional newspaper Zarya on August 12th (# 89) praises another official who is running in Ivatsevichy election district # 11. The article “Verges of Truth” presents Leanid Kavalevich, general manager of Ivatsevichy utility company. In the huge article with rubrics and headlines journalist Valery Hapeyeu describes the positive traits of the hero, stressing how talented one should be to manage the country.Obviously, zarya does not write about other candidates to the parliament, who do not supported by the authorities. 
Baranavichy: the local newspaper Nash Krai found another ground to write about Sviatlana Pishch who runs to the parliament in Baranavichy (# 95 of August 14th). The article with the picture is titled: “What present did the city give to “Garant-Servis”?” Chairman of the executive committee Viktar Dzichkouski answers the question in the headline by telling the readers that the present Garant-Servis company had received from the city executive committee was “our partnership”. Sviatlana is the general manager of Garant-Servis. Judging by the number of recent articles about Sviatlana Pishch in Nash Krai, the partnership continues into the election campaign. 
Homel: State newspapers continue the series of publications about Tatsiana Filimonchyk – candidate to the parliament in district # 35 and head of administration of Savetski rayon of the city. On August 13th Sovetski rayon newspaper, founded by Homel city executive committee, published an interview with Ms. Filimonchyk “I do not give empty promises”. This is the 5th appearance of Filimonchyk in the city media space in three weeks; she also appeared in the newspapers Homelskiye Vedomosti and Homelskaya Pravda, on the city TV and on 101.3 FM radio. The official reason for such a “PR” is the 35th anniversary of Savetski rayon (which is to be celebrated only on September 20th). In the interviews Tatsiana Filimonchyk appears as an experienced and professional city manager: the main issues of the conversations are housing, roads and municipal improvements. 
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