Homel oblast: seven UDF representatives included in precinct commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In Homel oblast the united democratic forces nominated 214 candidates to precinct commissions. None of them were included in the commissions in Homel. In Homel oblast only seven persons were included: in the towns of Rechytsa, Rahachou and Lelchytsy.

The precinct commissions were formed by the district executive committees of Homel on 13 August. The information about the sittings of the committees on formation of the commissions was closed even for members of constituency commissions. In particular, Mikhail Pryneslik, a member of circuit electoral commission #35 (nominated it by the United Civil Party), was not informed about the time and the place of the sitting at which the precinct commissions of his constituency were to be formed. As of 3 pm on 14 August he did not have any information about the personnel of the precinct commissions at his constituency.

‘The authorities are not interested in appointing to the commissions those who have experience of work at precincts and know the technical details of falsifications,’ comments a member of the coordinative board of the united democratic forces in Homel oblast. ‘And the majority of our candidates has previous experience of work at electoral commissions and knows the electoral laws. They are professionals in this respect.’

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