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Hrodna oblast: no opposition members in precinct commissions

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Some of the commissions refused to provide any information on inclusion of representatives of the united democratic forces. According to preliminary information none of the opposition’s nominees were included in the precinct commissions of Hrodna oblast.

According to the potential candidate at Iuye constituency #53, the united democratic forces had nominated seven persons to the commissions.

The situation in Lida is the same. ‘Not a single person was included, though we had nominated ten persons. Then the local electoral authorities asked me to nominate more people who could work and promised to include them. We nominated eight persons more. But no-one was included. Now they say that Sudnik had made mistakes in the submitted documents,’ said a representative of the united democratic forces Stanislau Sudnik.

In Smarhon the UDF nominated just three persons, but the authorities did not include them and offered no explanations.

In Hrodna and Slonim members of electoral commissions refused to inform the UDF representatives about the personnel of the former precinct commissions and said that these data would be soon published in press.

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