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Mahiliou: observers were defrauded: local electoral commissions were formed without their participation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On Sunday an observer Zmitser Salauyou and a potential candidate Ryhor Kastusiou took to district electoral commission #85 minutes on nomination of representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front Party to local electoral commissions. ‘We asked members of the district electoral commission when the sitting on formation of the local electoral commissions would be held and were answered that nobody knew it. At 8.50 am on Monday I came to Leninski district executive committee of Mahiliou to find when the sitting would take place. They also answered that it was too early and nobody knew about it. I walked home and phoned again at 10 am. The commission answered that they had no information about it. At 12.30 pm its member Khadaniuk put up the receiver and answered that the sitting was held at 8.30 am. I asked her how they could do it, as I was there at 8.50 am and nobody knew when the sitting would take place. She said that it all really happened that way and told I should wait for three days for information on the results of the sitting,’ said Zmitser Salauyou.

Another observer, Natallia Samakhvalava, points that she was also defrauded at Kastrychnitski district executive committee where she came to find about the place and time of the sitting on forming of the local electoral commissions.

‘On Sunday I paid a visit to the district electoral commission and was told that they knew nothing about it. The following day I came to many offices asking when the sitting would take place, but nobody said anything concrete till I came to the head of the executive committee Lebiadzeu. The secretary refused to let me in. Then I asked her put me on the list for his audience. When I was going out of the office I saw Lebiadzeu move in my direction. I stopped him and started asking questions why the officers of the executive committee refused to present any information about the time and place of the sitting on formation of the local electoral commissions. He asked me to tell by name, who I asked for information. I told their names. He entered his office and soon I saw three women rushing to the office. Behind the closed doors I could hear Lebiadzeu speaking loudly with them. Then he went out, take me by the hand and lead me to a stand with a fresh note with information that the sitting had taken place at 9 am. I asked him when members of the district electoral commission had managed to hold it, because according to this information they did not have any time for it. He just shrugged his shoulders and went back to his office,’ said Natallia Samakhvalava.

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