Pinsk: KGB bothers activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Pinsk observers from Belarusian Helsinki Committee were summoned to KGB and police for interrogation after the blast in Minsk. On July 7th KGB officers visited the apartment of Paval Liakhnovich. That could possibly end with the detention of the activist, but one day before that Paval, also a member of Kalehium NGO, took a group of children for a tour and was not at home. 

Liaknovich’s wife Liudmila had to meet the unexpected guests herself. According to her, KGB officers behaved properly, they did not try to intimidate or threaten her. The search warrant they showed was signed by Minsk prosecutor. 

Paval Liakhnovich is a fisherman and a hunter. Two cans with gunpowder were found and seized during the search. 

On the eve of the last week-end (July 18th- 19th) Viktar Yarashuk was disturbed by KGB officers, police, tax police and tax inspectorate. That time Viktar Yarashuk was in hospital (he underwent a small surgery). The police officers called him on the cell phone and promised to visit him in hospital when he said he would not come to police and KGB without official summons. They did not appear in the hospital, but they still call him on the cell and home phone proposing to come and explain where he was in the night of July 3rd. 

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