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Babruisk authorities keep information about meetings of election commissions in secret from observers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Observer Viktar Kachan says: “I addressed Babruisk Pershamaiskaya district commission many times. I made numerous phone calls and came personally with the request to inform me about the time and place of the commission’s session. Every time they told me they could not do that because “the sessions take place in the way of business, and are gathered when needed”.

Viktar Kachan believes that such actions of the commission member mean refusal to provide information to observers in an attempt to keep independent observers away from the sessions. He got persuaded in that when he tried to arrange a meeting with chairman of Babruisk Pershamaiskaya district Viktar Harbaniou.

-         We agreed to meet at 9.30 a.m. When we met I asked when the next session of the commission was going to take place. He answered it had just been over. It means only one thing – he appointed our meeting especially to prevent me from attending the session, - the observer says.


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