Krychau: Democratic activists could organize blast because of personal resentment?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to head of crime investigation department Chupryn, deputy head of Krychau administration Siarhei Marozau believes democratic activists could organize the blast in Minsk because of personal resentment. Chupryn shared that with independent candidate Herdzey.

According to Marozau, local activists Niarouny, Herdzey, and Kudrautsau could be offended by the refusal of the local authorities to permit their picket in support of Alexander Kazulin. Marozau thinks, the activists could bear malice and explode the bomb in Minsk on July 3rd.

For that reason independent candidate Siarhei Niarouny was invited to Krychau police department. The conversation was led by officer of crime investigation department Zmitser Sidarenka. A man in civil clothes introduced by Sidarenka as a student of police academy was present during the conversation.

“They asked me a number of questions: where I was on July 3rd, if I had an alibi (witnesses who could confirm that I was in Krychau), how I learned about the blast, and what I thought about that”, Siarhei Niarouny says, “The next day a police officer visited my neighbors asking if I drank a lot, if we had home rows, what relations we had with my wife, atc.”

Another independent candidate Mikalai Herdzey found himself in a similar situation. He had to have a conversation with head of Krychau crime investigation department Stanislau Chupryn. He also had to answer questions about the blast, and if he served in the military and knew demolition techniques. A police officer also visited the neighbors of Mr. Herdzey, and asked them similar questions about his private life.

“I was also visited by police officer Zmitser Sidarenka”, civic activist Uladzimir Kudrautsau says, “He took an explanation from me about the blast and asked me if I had weapons”.

“The police got interested in me and other democratic activists literally the next day after I applied for registration of my initiative group”, Niarouny says, “We think this is psychological pressure on us and our families. For that reason we submitted a statement to Krychau district prosecutor’s office”.

The pro-democratic activists point out that the version that they organized the blast because of denial of permission to organize a picket a year ago does not hold water.

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