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Hrodna: head of initiative group invited to KGB

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Today Uladzimir Laryn, head of initiative group for Viktar Padchynenkau (Hrodna rural district # 52), received a phone call from the KGB.  They invited him to come to the local KGB department, but failed to explain the reasons for such an invitation. Uladzimir Laryn replied he would come when he received official summons.  The KGB officer said he would receive the summons the next day and would have to come.

Laryn is convinced, the pressure on him is related to his active  participation in the election campaign. Viktar Padchynenkau, UCP member, is on the UDF list of parliamentary candidates. He thinks the pressure on the head of his initiative group aims at hindering the signature collection.


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