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Brest region: nomination of parliamentary contenders continues

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The majority of the UDF candidates in Brest region are to be nominated by signature collection. The following initiative groups, no less than 10 people in each, were registered: acting chairman of BSDP H Anatol Liaukovich (Brest Zakhodniaya district # 1); deputy head of the regional BSDP H Valiantsin Lazarenkau (Belavezha district # 8), head of Brest raion PCB branch Anatol Novik (Mukhavets district # 4), Alexander Halkevich (Baranavichy Uskhodniaya district # 6), Yauhen Perats (Pinsk city district # 14), and Alexander Apanasiuk (Stolin district # 16).


Incumbent MP Nina Fedaruk (district # 14), former chief doctor of Brest raion hospital, was nominated by a group of co-workers. In the morning of July 22nd she attended a meeting at Malaryta raion hospital. The meeting was also attended by head of ideological department of Malaryta executive committee Strok. Another meeting of employees of the local clinic took place on the same day. Deputy head of health department of the regional executive committee Mikalai Krasouski and head doctor of the raion hospital Anatol Laurukevich spoke at the meeting. Laurukevich listed the merits of Nina Fedaruk and focused on her help to the families in bad financial situation. He gave an example of liver transplantation, although it was the raion community who fundraised for the surgery that was done in Russia. In the presence of the bosses the medical workers voted for nominating Nina Fedaruk.


On July 22nd Biaroza district election commission # 9 received applications for registration of three initiative groups: Yuras Hubarevich, whose initiative group has 24 people; Yauhen Kazimirchyk (incumbent MP), former head of Biaroza gas distribution network, has 79 members in the initiative group, mostly state company directors, or their deputies for ideology, or heads of village administrations; and Yauhen Huts, who represents the recently added part of Pruzhana raion. Some people believe Yauhen Huts was nominated because the local authorities don’t want to have one-man-for-one-seat elections if the UDF candidates decide to drop out of the race.  


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