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Barysau: Forgetful colonel

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On Monday, July 21st, Barysau city district election commission (# 62) registered the initiative group of Viktar Huminski. On Wednesday, July 23rd, Adzinstva newspaper (Barysau city executive commission is its founder) published a message to the voters of incumbent MP Viktar Huminski.


Colonel Huminski – the newspaper published his picture in military uniform, although he is retired for eight years already – writes in his message: “I can tell you the main thing – I have fulfilled the pre-election promises”.


Probably, it’s been too long since the last election, and the colonel forgot what he promised the voters four years ago. Then Huminski claimed, “it is necessary to improve the laws about welfare of people in the Republic of Belarus,… so that no one could encroach on benefits for war veterans and disabled was veterans, veterans of labor and the Army, persons handicapped from birth, and Chernobyl disaster liquidators”.


Let us remind you, on May 27th, 2007 Viktar Huminski voted in favor of the law on benefit cuts, depriving pensioners, students, Chernobyl liquidators, and the disabled of minimal social support.  


Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections


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