Less and less transparency in Hrodna region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Information about creation of district election commissions in Hrodna region is less open than it used to be during the last parliamentary elections in 2004. For example, now newspapers do not publish detailed information about each of the members of the district election commissions. For instance, Vaukavysk newspaper Nash Chas of July 16th, 2008 published only the names of the commission members at district # 48. By the way, BSDH representative Siarhei Antoshankau was not included in the commission.

Hrodna newspaper Perspektyva gave even less information about Hrodna rural district # 52. Lida newspaper published only the last names of the first three members of the commission (its chair, deputy chair, and secretary).

Earlier, when publishing the lists of election commission members, all local newspapers gave full information which included names of commission members, how they were nominated to their commissions, and their place of work.

However, even with the minimum information, only the lists of commission members on the above-mentioned districts were published. The voters still don’t have any information about the other commissions.

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