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Brest: because of the high “competition” Siarhei Vakulenka did not get a place in district election commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Siarhei Vakulenka, agent of Alexander Milinkevich and international observer in the past, was nominated to become member of election commission of Brest-Centralnaya district # 2.


According to Alexander Kaliada, member of the Central Election Commission, head of the main board for organizational work and staff, Vakulenka was not selected as a commission member because of the very high competition in the district: 22 candidates for only 13 seats. He also pointed out: “when forming the commission we primarily were guided by the goal to make the commission efficient and having representation of the wide political spectrum in the country. Vakulenka did not get a seat in the commission in the draft of our ruling. We decided that other representatives are better in meeting our criteria. “


However, the activist was not satisfied by such an answer. He wants to receive the explanation of the decision: which qualities – business, moral, or professional – did he lack to get a seat in the district commission. Vakulenka submitted a solid complaint to Brest regional Council and the Central Election Commission.


Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

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