Vitebsk human rights defender Paval Levinau arrested for 10 days

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The arrest verdict was given on May 26th: court found the BHC representative guilty of disorderly conduct.


For almost two months Mr. Levinau tried to challenge the verdict. He tried to prove his innocence and the fact that the court violated the law when making the verdict – as it was read out in his absence. According to the human rights activist, Pershamaiski district policemen made numerous attempts to deliver him to the arrest and detention center: they stood on duty near his apartment and followed him around the city. Today Paval Levinau was brought to the police station from hospital. He got into hospital yesterday from the prosecutor’s office, where he had another collision with the police.


Let us remind the readers, judge of Chyhunachny court Valianstina Kismiaroshkina found representative of Belarusian Helsinki Committee Paval Levinau guilty of using foul language against police officers during his detention on March 27th. The human rights activist tried to get into the apartment of journalist Vadzim Barshcheuski searched by police. Besides the arrest, Levinau was fined 20 basic unites (about 350 US dollars) for disobedience to police.

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