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Mahiliou: Uladzimir Yurchanka is deprived of position on ‘proposal’ of police officer

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Uladzimir Yurchanka, head of Mahiliou Kastrychnitski district organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada, has lost his position of master builder at the construction administration of powermen Lavsanbud.

‘A policeman came to my work. He told my boss that there was something wrong with my work, though there was nothing wrong at the moment. Then he offered the administration to fire me. They were thinking it over for several days and decided not to fire me, but deprive me of the position of master builder,’ said Yurchanka.

As a result of this decision the activist will lose about 100 000 rubles ($47) a month.

‘To my mind, the policeman’s visit and the following actions of the administration are related to my political activities’, commented the politician.

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