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Mikalai Charnavus is deprived of building because of intention to run at the parliamentary elections

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The political activist Mikalai Charnavus stands in the single list of candidates to the parliament, composed by the United Democratic Forces. His candidacy has been nominated by the NGO For Free Development of Business. Mr. Charnavus intends to run at Baranavichy western electoral district #5. He states that the authorities started harassing him for it. At present he is deprived of the building side for a café.

‘I have collected different papers and paid money for three years and the project work is made by Belzhytprayekt enterprise of the Ministry of Housing Economy, but Charnavus’ intention to run at the election is in the authorities’ way.’

The activist intends to appeal to Brest oblast executive committee against the decision of Baranavichy authorities to confiscate the building site.

Today Mikalai Charnavus had to pay a fine. ‘The sanitation service composed a protocol for because of absence of labels on the shovels which had been produced nearby, in Kobryn, and ruled to fine me 175 000 rubles (about $82). I asked them to let me survive till the elections, but they ordered to pay!’ says the activist. 

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