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Report to electors or early agitation?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Regional press has started publishing articles about the merits of the present deputies.

In particular, the information of the BelTA about the beginning of the electoral campaign on 24 June was published in the Adzinstva newspaper, founded by Barysau district executive committee, in #42 (13506), dated 25 January 2008. The same number also included the article of Antanina Kasyianava, chairperson of Barysau branch of the Belarusian association of disabled, entitled ‘Real deeds instead of golden mountains’.

In the article it is stated that the electoral program of the present deputy of the Chamber of Representatives from Barysau election district Viktar Huminski did not include unreal promises, but ‘our deputy does not ever rest and is always busy with deeds’. In private, he ‘regularly helps to the association of the disabled: thanks to him they receive wheelchairs, crutches and other necessary items’.

At the same time, the author of the article does not mention that Huminski is among the deputies who voted for liquidation of social guaranties to the disabled, pensioners, students and liquidators of the consequences of Chernobyl accident. As a result, all disabled who have problems with locomotor system, have been deprived of preferential purchase of cars with hand operation and other disabled have to buy medicines, prostheses and crutches at their own expense. Meanwhile, limb prostheses cost not less than a thousand US dollars and crutches – at least 50 dollars.

It is clear that publication of the article about the ‘great care about the disabled’, demonstrated by the deputy Viktar Huminski, is dictated by his intention to be elected to the Parliament for the third time.

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