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Anatol Liabedzka to pay for ‘European March’?

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The court of Tsentralny district of Minsk informed Anatol Liabedzka, chairman of the United Civil Party, about the beginning of the procedure of exacting 2 242 770 rubles for the benefit of the Horremautador, enterprise of Minsk city execute committee. The court considered this sum equal to the harm which had been allegedly inflicted to the enterprise by participants of the European March. In the case he does not pay the whole sum in the due time (seven days) Liabedzka’s property can be confiscated by court marshals.

According to the politician, one of the peculiarities of the Belarusian situation is that racketeering and gangsterism constitute a part of the functional duties of officials and judges.

Beings asked how one could struggle against it, Liabedzka answered that he would not be surprised if fines from opposition-minded people would be one of the income categories in the next year’s state budget and judges and policemen would receive percents from it. ‘I don’t see any other solution but trying to get the international community freeze the accounts of the Belarusian subjects of economy and direct this money on payment of the fines to which the political opponents of the regime are sentenced,’ stated Liabedzka.

Another interesting thing is that the whole sum is exacted from Liabedzka alone, though the European March action was organized by seven persons, who were even tried together. The UCP leader is sure that the court ‘cannot even make a nine lines long document without mistakes’.

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