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Polatsk: court abolishes fines to 'Young Front' activists

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As Katsiaryna Salauyova, head of Polatsk branch of the Young Front, has learned, she and the youth activist Ales Krutkin will not have to pay the fines of 1 050 000 rubles, to which they were sentenced on 20 May in Vushachy for distribution of printed editions without issue data (Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code).

When Katsiaryna came to Vushachy to take a copy of the court ruling, she was informed that the verdict was repealed because the violation reports had been composed not by policeman, but by Volha Karcheuskaya, the head of the ideological department of Vushachy district executive committee, which is prohibited by the law. Thus, such reports cannot be considered as legal documents.

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