Disabled pensioner ‘congratulated’ on Victory Day

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On the eve of 9 May, the Victory Day, the resident of Homel Andrei Hramyka received a peculiar ‘congratulation’. He is disabled since childhood as a result of a wound connected with the consequences of World War II. The court fined him 140 000 rubles (about 68 US dollars) in absentia for alleged insult of the neighbors who were smoking on the stair platform.

The matter is that the neighbors accused Hramyka of deliberate insult of their honor and dignity in an obscene form because of his frequent requests to stop smoking there. An administrative report was composed. The court considered it in absence of the defendant and ruled to fine him.

By the way, together with the court ruling Mr. Hramyka received congratulations with the Victory Day from the administration of Savetski district of Homel and the pro-governmental party Belaya Rus.

He came to Homel branch of Belarusian trade union of radio electronic industry and received help in composing of an appeal to Homel oblast court against the ruling of the district court. There he asks to reverse the court ruling and stop the administrative case against him.

‘It is the first time in my life when I am punished on fabricated evidence, that’s why I am going to take all possible measures seeking the justice including a fair court ruling on this administrative case,’ Hramyka commented.

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