Cherykau: police threaten journalist-veteran with arrest on Victory Day

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In the town of Cherykau Mikalai Tsarkou, editor of the Cherykauskiya Naviny newspaper, and Siarhei Panizoutsau, its photo correspondent, were prohibited to take photos of participants of the official demonstration in the honor of the Victory Day. The acting chairman of Cherykau police, major Raikou explained that by their actions the journalists allegedly hindered the action. The policemen tried to detain them and take to a police department.

Mikalai Tsarkou says that the policeman ignored the explanations that the journalists were implementing their professional duties and paid no attention to the certificates of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, saying it wasn’t a document for him.

‘The police left us alone only when I explained that I was a participant of World War II. While under age, I spent four years in Leningrad under the Nazi siege. That’s why I had a right to attend the meeting and take photos not only as a journalist, but also as a participant of that war. They tried to isolate me only because I was a journalist for a non-state edition. It was an order of the local officials. They spoiled the holiday to me,’ stated Mikalai Tsarkou in his interview to RFE/RL.