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Minsk city court fails to satisfy complaint of Natalia Yasevich

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On April 25th Minsk city court heard the complaint filed by Natalia Yasevich, mother of Young Front member Zmitser Yasevich. Natalia was accused of participation in the freedom march on March 25th.


On the Freedom Day Natalia Yasevich, when she saw the detained and beaten young people, asked to go with them in a police truck to accompany them to the police station. However, when the police truck arrived at Partyzanski district police station, the police charged Natalia with participation in an unauthorized rally. Natalia spent the night in Akrestsina detention center. The next day the court fined her 30 basic units.


On March 26th Uladzimir Navumau, minister of internal affairs, held a news conference where he claimed that the police had detained the “opposition forces cashier”, who kept the money for the rally participants. Natalia Yasevich, who had about 8 million BYR with her by accident, was interrogated by KGB agents and videotaped by Belarusian TV in jail.  


Minsk city judge N. Nazaranka recognized Natalia Yasevich guilty and left the verdict unaltered. According to Zmitser Yasevich, when the verdict was announced, his mother said out loud: “I am guilty without any guilt. Fear is everywhere. No more fear!” The judge who looked very exhausted just shrugged his shoulders and quickly left the courtroom.