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“Candle of Memory” in Biaroza

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


On April 26th, a group of pro-democratic activists, NGO members and young people organized a traditional “candle of memory” action in Biaroza. The action was dedicated to Chernobyl disaster and the memory of people who died as a result of the disaster.


It was on the city square of Biaroza, where the soviet authorities organized a Labor Day demonstration on May 1st, 1986 – right after the disaster. That’s why the activists traditionally organize the “candle of memory” action on that square – people with lit candles stand in a chain. During the last five years the police were always present, but never interfered in the action.


This year the police detained Siarzhuk Rusetski, human rights defender and BPF member. They decided he was the organizer of the action. The police drew up a report accusing him of organizing a picket. In his turn, Rusetski believes the organized action was not a picket and did not need permission from local authorities. The argument will be solved in the local court.  

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