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Maria Tulzhankova received 7 days of jail

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On April 25th navabelitski court of Homel heard the case against Maria Tulzhankova. Judge Aleh Kharoshka sentenced the participant of the historical tour around Homel to 7 days of jail.


Earlier judge Aleh Kharoshka tried other participants ofteh historical tour dedicated to the anniversary of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. He sentenced Sviataslau Shapavalau to 10 days of jail, Aliaksandar Protska – to 7 days of jail, and pensioner Uladzimir Nepomniashchy – to 15 days of jail. Other participants of the tour were fined: Ivan Adamenka – 20 basic units, Zmitser Kutasau and journalist Tatsiana Bublikava – 15 basic units each.


Let us remind the readers, on March 23rd, about 20 people with white and red balloons walked around the places related to the life of Paluta badunova, minister of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. The police videotaped the tour, and drew up reports against 8 people for violation of the order of organizing mass events.


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