Eight new political prisoners

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Verdict for participants of the “case of the 14” was announced yesterday:

Andrei Kim was sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment; Uladzimir Siarheyeu and Anton Koipish will pay fines of 3.5 million BYR; and the rest 7 people received 2 years of restricted prison without sending them to penitentiary institutions.


Andrei Kim received 18 months of imprisonment. Uladzimir Siarheyeu and Anton Koipish will pay fines of 3.5 million BYR. Mikhail pashkevich, Tatsiana Tsishkevich, Mikhail Kryvau, Ales Bondar, Artsiom Dubski, Ales Straltsou, and Ales Charnyshou were sentenced to 2 years of freedom restriction without placement in penitentiary institutions. They remain under ban to leave the country. They will work in their regular place of work, paying 20% of their salary to the state.


The audience met the verdict shouting “Shame!” The police arrested Aliaksandar Atroshchankau in the courtroom for that.


When the judge announced the verdict to Andrei Kim, his mother – Tatsiana Kim – shouted: “Andrei, I am proud of you!”


The term of sentence to Andrei Kim will be counted from January 21st. The rest will start serving their sentences from the moment they are put on the police register.


As for the losses which were allegedly made to Minsktrans and other transportation organizations, the judge said they had their right to file separate suits later.


The verdict can be appealed to Minsk city court during 10 days. The claims of GUM department store, and other stores on the street were found groundless.



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