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Ludmila Atakulava facing expulsion

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On April 10 Ludmila Atakulava, a Young front activist, was invited for a conversation to Belarusian State Economic University administration where she was informed that she would soon be expelled from the university for poor attendance.
‘They had already known about my detention after an action in Polatsk, so it is clear that they were ordered to expel me, - says Ludmila. – The administration is now analyzing my attendance during the year. I have not missed too many lectures this year, but if they count the classes I have missed because of the detention and the trial, they will have official grounds for my expulsion.’

It is not the first time Ludmila is facing expulsion. After a 15-day imprisonment in winter she was warned that she would not study at the university if she were detained again.

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