KGB threatens to trade union activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

KGB tries to recruit informers among activists of independent trade unions. The last case was registered in Homel, where an unidentified man who introduced himself as the head of the department of Homel KGB office for protection of the political system met with the juridical inspector of the Belarusain trade union of radio electronic industry Leanid Sudalenka.

The man wanted to make Sudalenka cooperate with KGB, threatening him with serious troubles otherwise, informs the Tovarishch.

The KGB agent was interested in the campaign for collection of signatures for return of the 50% discount of the public transport fee (one of the social guarantees that had been liquidated by the authorities on 17 January). The campaign is held by the trade union.

Sudalenka refused from cooperation with KGB. In response the unknown man threatened that soon the wife of the trade union activist would have to return the lax credit for building of a flat. Moreover, he stated that the note about the husband’s income for 2007, sealed by the trade union’s stamp, presented by her while receiving the credit, was invalid as Homel branch of the trade union did not pass the state re-registration.

As a result Leanid Sudalenka addressed the head of Homel oblast KGB office and stated that in the case anything bad happened to him and his family he would consider it as a consequence of his decision to refuse from cooperation with KGB.