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Zhytkavichy: Police detain Aliaksandar Bandziuk

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In the morning Zhytkavichy police detained Aliaksandar Bandziuk, activist of the youth organization Civic Forum, reports civic activist in Homel Piotr Kuzniatsou.


Kuzniatsou says, oppsition printed materials were spread in Zhytkavichy before March 25th. For some reason the police think Aliaksandar Bandziuk was the person who did that.


According to Piotr Kuzniatsou, invitation of Aliaksandar Bandziuk to police could possibly be provoked by KGB. On February 20th Bandziuk received a phone call from the local military registration and enlistment office. He was invited to come to the office because they “needed some information” for their drafting activities.


However, later Aliaksandar Bandziuk told the journalists, in the military office he was met by a stranger, who said he represented KGB. The stranger said that the local organization of Civic Forum was underdeveloped, and that KGB could help us – with legal assistance, computer equipment, and money. The KGB agent also promised to help Aliaksandar restart his studies in Homel University, from which he had been expelled in 2006.

However, Aliaksandar Bandziuk refused to have any cooperation with KGB.


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