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Kastus Zhukouski punished for greeting cards

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Maryna Damnenka, judge of Homel Tsentralny Borough Court, sentenced Kastus Zhukouski, member of Belarusian Christian Democrats’ Party, to 14 days of prison and a fine of 700,000 BYR. He was charged with violating the order of organizing and conducting mass actions and resisting arrest. Maryia Tulzhankova, art college student, was fined 300,000 BYR.

After 2 days of pre-trial prison, the detainees were brought to the court in handcuffs.

On March 14, during an NRM rock-concert, Zhukouski and Tulzhankova were detained by the police and a number of persons in mufti. Tulzhankova was carrying a number of greeting cards dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Belarusian People’s Republic.

At the trial, Zhukouski did not deny he had resisted being arrested.
- I spat at the face of one of them, because I thought I was attacked by gangsters, - explained Zhukouski. He also declared that ‘in Homel there is a gang headed by police lieutenant colonel Mikhalych – it undermines the image of the state and Aliaksandr Lukashenka in particular.’ The activist also solicited witness testimonies by the teenagers who had attended the concert and the policemen.

Judge Damnenka denied the motion and punished Zhokouski with a fine and detention. Tulzhankova was fined and released in court.

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