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Detentions in Mahiliou and Babruisk

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A BPF activist Siarhei Niahatsin was detained on March 14 in Mahiliou for ‘being drunk and using foul language’.

According to Niahatsin, he was detained near his house.
‘The policemen said they had to take me to the police department for identification. I refused to obey for I had my passport on me, and I gave it to the policemen. Then I was pushed into their car. Eventually, the policemen said I was drunk and used foul language. They did not make any examination whatsoever’ – said Siarhei Niahatsin in his interview to Svaboda.

According to him, the policemen illegally confiscated several dozens issues of Mahiliouski Chas newspaper.

On March 15, in the absence of the policemen that detained Niahatsin judge Tatsiana Rubis resolved to postpone the trial till March 27. Niahatsin was released.

On the same day Babruisk police detained several activists on their way to Staryia Darohi. Their car was stopped by road police. After the policemen saw a pack of issues of Novy Chas newspaper, the activists were ordered to go local police department.

The six activists had to spend 2 hours at the police department. They were interrogated and warned.

‘They said they would investigate and inform us on the results of the examination’ – said one of the activists Iryna Mitsura.

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