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Guilty Traffic Policemen Still Working

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Alexander Mendzeleu, chief of the republican Traffic Police, said the actions by the traffic officers were unprofessional and they had been dismissed in the connection with the accident. But as it has been found out, the people allegedly dismissed, know nothing about it.

Alexander Mendzeleu, chief of the republican Traffic Police, said on the press conference the actions of the officers had been unprofessional and said they had been fired.

‘The officials who are responsible for professional training of those, who participated in the stopping, namely chief of the Traffic Police of the Kastrychnitski district police department of Minsk and chief of the Slutsk police department have been dismissed from offices. Officers who took part in the detention, in particular traffic police officers of Slutsk and Kastrychnitski police departments have been suspended from their posts until official investigation ends,’ the Euroradio quotes the official.

However, nobody in Slutsk traffic police department knows about the resignation of their chief and officers. According to Dzmitry Semibratau, spokesman for the traffic police department in Slutsk, ‘at the moment, none of the traffic police officers at the police department in Slutsk has been fired. We have received no orders to remove our officers from their positions so far. No inspections have been appointed. But I can’t say for sure there will be no investigation.’

Slutsk traffic police officers used Russia-made car VAZ-2110 to chase a drunk driver, speeding at 180km/h. According to Dzmitry Semibratau, this vehicle is able to achieve even a greater speed. In general, there are 6 vehicles in the fleet of the traffic police in Slutsk: two VAZ-2110, two VAZ-2109 and two Opels.

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