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All Draftees Who Have Surnames Starting with ‘K’ and ‘V’ Are Summonsed to Military Enlistment Office

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The authorities continue using a new tactics of pressing youth activists out of the public life – drafting them to army. Recently the activists of the BPF Youth Anton Kalinouski and Franak Viachorka were summonsed to Savetski district military enlistment office in Minsk. Earlier Kalinouski was expelled from the translator’s faculty of Minsk State Linguistic University and Franak Viachorka – from the journalist faculty of Belarusian State University. 

Awkwardly trying to hide the biased attitude to the youngsters, the military enlistment office sent summons to all draftees in the district whose surnames start with ‘K’ or ‘V’.

‘About 50 persons gathered in the military enlistment office. A man who introduced himself as doctor informed us about the penalties for evasion from military service. We must be inspected by a medical commission till 4 April. 

Formally Anton Kalinouski has the right to determent of the military service because of shortsightedness (-6). However, no one can guarantee the objectivity of the medical commission. 

Meanwhile, Franak Viachorka tries to sue against his expulsion from the university. 

‘I am going to get an audience form the education minister Radzkou or one of vice-ministers. I am preparing a lawsuit. I can be drafted if I’m not rehabilitated at the university by 20 June, though I have inherited hypertension. I have spoken with the dean and will try once again. In the case we fail to find a compromise, the tension will continue. Besides, we will take into consideration the promise of the defense minister Maltsau, that if at least a platoon of soldiers expresses the wish to receive orders in Belarusian, this wish will be implemented. I think that there will be enough people. That’s why we will also address the minister with a call to keep his promise.’

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