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Imprisonments for Meeting in Salihorsk

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A member of Salihorsk branch of the Young Front, 18-year-old Zmitser Banko was sentenced to 3 days of jail. The activist of For Freedom movement Uladizmir Shyla, entrepreneur, father of the Young Front activists Ivan and Illia Shylas, was sentenced to 15 days.

Bear in mind that on 2 March about 300 people gathered in the central square of the town of Salihorsk to take part in a meeting for protection of the social guarantees. The action was violently dispersed by the police with participation of the riot squad that came from Minsk.

Among the aims of the meeting there was demonstration of disagreement with forced fundraising for the town repairs timed to the 50-year jubilee, expression of solidarity with the entrepreneurs and protest against the liquidation of social guarantees.

One of the important points of the meeting resolution was the immediate release of political prisoners. The meeting started at 2 p.m. In five minutes the square was ringed by the police.

All in all, nine people were detained: 

  • Ryhor Astapenia
  • Zmitser Banko
  • Henadz Kudzelka
  • Anatol Mirashnichenka
  • Krystsina Samoilava
  • Ivan Shyla
  • Uladzimir Shyla
  • Andrei Tychyna
  • Aliaksei Valabuyeu

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