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Head of Mahiliou Oblast Executive Committee Calls Police to Follow Himmler’s Rules

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Barys Batura instructed the officers to follow the words of the SS head during the official celebration of the Police Day in Mahiliou.

‘If you hesitates to shoot or not to shoot, you must shoot, because I take the blame upon myself!’ this behavior model of Heinrich Himmler was suggested to the law-enforcement bodies by the head of the region at the solemn event dedicated to 90th anniversary of police formation, Bulletin online informs.

Every Belarusian knows who soldiers of the Reichsführer-SS were shooting at and what commitments he was later found guilty of. The question only if it is tribute to wild fashion of the authorities to praise Nazi butchers or shooting lists of ‘destructive elements’ have already been prepared.

But it may just a twist of the tongue. In any case, the fact remains: officers applauded to the words about Himmler, though they live in the city that was defended heroically by its dwellers in 1941.

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