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Aliaksandr Kazulin: I do not have hate for Lukashenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Aliaksandr Kazulin is not doing to apply for early release, but he is ready to sit down to the round table of negotiations with the regime.

“There won’t be an application for early release from me ever. I am an innocent man,” the political prisoner, leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic party (Hramada), a former presidential candidate Aliaksandr Kazulin said in an interview to BelaPAN.

“I haven’t signed any document as a “convicted offender”. I always sign my name as an “illegally convicted” or “subject to political repressions and persecution”, told A. Kazulin underlining that he is set to demand “full and unconditional” absolution.

“It is obvious that Lukashenka could save is face by amnestying me,” the politician believes. “Lukashenka knows perfectly well that the case against me had been framed-up. They have been cynically and with exceptional cruelty jeering at my family and me”.

But Kazulin underlined that: “there is a personal good and public good”. “I am ready to rise above my personal things. I do not have hatred, animosity, resentment against Lukashenka. I have deep grief and deep regret that he acts is such a way,” the leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic party (Hramada).

As said by A. Kazulin, he is ready to “sit down to the round table of negotiations” with the regime, if they, in their turn, “are ready to do with a good grace”. “The subject of these negotiations could be a considerable changing of the situation in the country, improvement of relations with the EU and the US. I am ready to use best endeavors for our country to have prosperity, welfare, light, compassion and benevolence,” A. Kazulin stated.

The politician has underlined that he doesn’t want to turn the upcoming funeral of his wife, who died on February 23, into some kind of political action. “We can solve all problems in humanly, in a civilized manner. The issue doesn’t depend on me, but on Lukashenka. If emotional abuse continues, I am ready for most resolute actions,” Aliaksandr Kazulin said.

A. Kazulin has also said in an interview to BelaPAN that he is ready to announce a hunger strike again, if he won’t be finally released.

“When I’ll return to the colony, I want to look at the further actions of the regime. If I won’t be released, I will continue hunger strike,” he said. “If I would be released, if we embark on a normal civilized dialogue, we shall move in the direction of improving the situation both inside the country, and in relations with the EU and the US, what’s the use of announcing a hunger strike then? I shall be simply taking part in this process helping our country, normally, actively, without ruffle or excitement”.

However, A. Kazulin noted that “he doesn’t have any illusions” as for a possibility of his release in the near future. “I am always expecting for the worst. I’m used to that. The question is, is Lukashenka able to rise above himself“.


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