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Barysau: Private Apartments of Siarhei Salash and His Mother Are Under Arrest

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A week ago it became known that the apartment of Siarhei Salash, public activist from Barysau, has been under arrest since November 2006, as well as the apartment that was inherited by his mother after the recent death of husband, Siarhei’s father. This fact was revealed after soon after the death. Barysau branch of Minsk oblast agency on state registration and land cadastre issued excerpt #371:83/08 from the register on the rights and limitations of rights on isolated premises. This excerpt contains the ban on ‘alienation of the premises’ for both apartments, for the term that ‘has not been determined’. The reason for the ban is ‘another document (police department of Maskouski district executive committee of Minsk) of 4 November 2006 #MG/9 OPR)’. 

Thus, the reasons for attachment of the apartments remain unknown. The lawyers of HRC Viasna have prepared an inquiry to the police department of Maskouski district executive committee of Minsk concerning. The ban on alienation of premises can be imposed at least after a criminal case is brought against the owner, but Salash has no information about any criminal proceedings against him.

The activist is sure that it is a means of persecuting him for civil and political activities. During the four last years there have been several unsuccessful attempts to bring a criminal case against him. Siarhei was several times arrested as a result of provocations and his apartment is under constant surveillance of Barysau KGB office.

‘The whole fuss around my person makes me laugh. The so-called ‘parliamentary election’ is ahead, and this is a moment when certain officials will have to answer for their pathological manipulations and violence. Let’s see, what answer I will get to my questions,’ Salash pointed.

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