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Zhaleznichenka’s Mother Appeals against His Expulsion from University

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On 5 March the court hearings on the suit of Zmitser Zhaleznichenka’s mother against Homel State University will start. On 18 February the judge of the Tsentralny district court of Homel Zhanna Andreichyk listened to the positions of the sides and decided to start the trial after Zmitser receives an answer from the Ministry of Education, to which he had complained against the illegal expulsion. 

The lawyer Piatro Barysau convincingly proves that the university administration has violated the procedure of expulsion in Zhaleznichenka’s case. ‘First of all, Zmitser was expelled when he was on a sick leave. Secondly, the officially stated reason for the expulsion is ‘violation of the internal regulations’. The university administration considered as such that on 18 September Tsentralny district court of Homel sentenced Zhaleznichenka guilty of ‘dirty swearing’ and sentenced him to 8 days of jail. However, the student was expelled for the first time on 7 September, that’s why the charges in violation of the internal regulations were inapplicable towards him at the given time. Besides, after the court ruling for his rehabilitation at the place of study Zhaleznichenka was to have been given the possibility to visit the missed classes and take the exams, but it did not happen,’ the lawyer said.

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