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Hrodna: KGB Pressurizes Eduard Dmukhouski

2008 2008-02-19T19:04:38+0200 1970-01-01T03:00:00+0300 en

On 18 February an agent of Hrodna oblast KGB office has phoned to an activist of For Freedom! movement Eduard Dmukhouski and invited him for a meeting. When the activist refused from the proposal, the KGB activist started threatening him with administrative punishment and other problems.

Mr. Dmukhouski believes that these actions were purposeful and provocative. ‘I think that these KGB measures are not occasional. They are connected to my civil activities and the activities of the For Freedom! movement in Hrodna. Despite the attempts to intimidate me, I am not going to KGB till I receive a summons, as the legislation demands,’ he said.

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