Iryna Kazulina Disproves Lukashenka’s Words

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

‘I would like to listen to the conditions of release offered by Lukashenka to Aliaksandr. The things said by his messenger to us were unacceptable. It would be a dishonorable flight from the country,’ the open letter of the wife of the former candidate for presidency Aliaksandr Kazulin, Iryna Kazulina, published at the web site of the politician.

‘Spitting upon our family is really offensive’, Iryna Kazulina writes. ‘Though sometimes it seems that nothing of the kind could throw us off balance anymore, the cynicism is shocking. In his letters my husband writes that I am the greatest concern for him. Every morning he starts with a prayer for my health.’

48-year-old Iryna Kazulina, who is suffering from an oncologic disease, stresses that their children visited the colony not to ‘beg their father to save mother, but to discuss the current situation’.

‘We, our children and all our family understand Aliaksandr, support him, love him and are waiting for his unconditional release’, A. Kazulin’s wife writes in her letter.

On 15 February, answering questions of journalists in Vitsebsk, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said there was no more the question on political prisoners: ‘As far as I know, only Kazulin did not agree to this position. The matter was that his wife is ill and the EU ambassadors addressed me. It can happen to anybody, things do happen. I agreed – let him accompany his wife. We helped her as we could. Once we offered to send her to Germany. She may be treated in Germany, he needs to follow his wife,’ A. Lukashenka noted. ‘As for the information I’ve received this morning, he refused to treat her. But these are family troubles, he refused, it’s his problem. I offered everything I could, but he refused to treat her,’ the president said. He (Kazulin) refused even after his daughters came to him and persuaded him to rescue their mother (Kazulin’s wife), but he doesn’t need this mother. But I don’t want to intermeddle in other people’s business, time will place everything to order,’ A.Lukashenka concluded.

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